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Links and such

First off, a few links that I thought were interesting:

High-speed Photography
  • This has some very interesting photographs of bullets going through playing cards, balloons, and lightbulbs, as well as a few other things. The coolest part is that he actually explains how he achieved taking each shot.

Nagasaki Journey: The Photographs of Yosuke Yamahata
  • A photographer's portfolio of photos taken in the aftermath of Nagasaki. Caution: graphic scenes of the destruction. When I was taking a class last semester that covered a lot of Atomic-bomb literature, we kept seeing the same handful of photographs over and over again. Very few from those days actually exist, or are avaliable for public viewing due to censorship and the nature of what happened. I find the photo essay interesting...

Chasing the Dream
  • An article about gaming, its effect on aggressive behavior, and an interesting note that a large percentage of gamers aren't actually kids; and that the adults who battle against gaming are more often than not over the age of 40... merely a decade older than the average gaming age (according to the article... I don't know if I can believe that one yet).

Freedom of Expression in the Copyright Era
  • A flash video I found... somewhere. I can't remember where. I think a back issue of Kaliber 10000, perhaps? (But don't worry, the video has the author's name and all.) Anyway, the link is pretty self-explanitory.

Private and Public
  • This photographer set up his camera in one spot in London and took pictures of passerbys. What resulted is an interesting collection of expressions, additudes, and personalities. (Alex sent me this, so some of you may have seen it already.)

I was going to post a link to my project, but I think it'd be better to wait until tomorrow and just show everyone.


TechnoBio 2

The JPG table of contents inspired me. I can't hold a candle to that book, but I though this would be a cool way to show how often I use technology on a typical day and how it has changed as I've gotten older.

Light Green: TV
Yellow: Telephone
Blue: Video Games
Green: Computer personal use
Orange: Computer job use
Red: Computer school work
Black: Alarm Clock (always a downer)

(Each end is Midnight, center is Noon)

Grade School:

Middle School:

High School:



Calendar script

A major problem I've run into is how to generate a calendar.

The current calendar system for the zine, is that the webmaster (not me!) updates it about once a week by hand, with his abominable code. In addition to the main calendar, there is a small "This Week's Shows" section on the front page (displaying... you guessed it, the current week's shows), which is also updated by hand.

Does anyone know of a script online that can pull in dates and events from a database or flat file and output them?

I tried searching for one, but came up empty handed.

Also, if anyone has any ideas for how to structure one of my own, it'd be helpful, because I'm at a loss.

EDIT: I don't want to output a "calendar" like you'd see in a blog to choose a post date. I need something that will list, in text, a date, and then the shows/events for that day.

Using Dreamweaver...

I was wondering if anyone could briefly explain using templtes in Dreamweaver to me?

On another note, I'm slightly shifting the scope of my second project (the Digital Yearbook). I've been scripting a database-driven zine from the ground up... and I think input would be helpful this week. It's not that I'm abandoning the Digital Yearbook, but really, all I could get done with it is scripting anyhow, and a few of the things I've written (and learned!) with the zine will be very helpful to the DY. I need a lot of support from the college to even begin on the DY (past the scripting/design), so I think after finishing the zine, it'll be relatively simple to change some things and have a decent structure for the DY that I can use to pitch the idea to the powers that be.

Here is a link to what I've done so far on the zine: (Some menu items work... mostly just some of the "about" and "archives")

I'll probably post some of my code (and the problems I'm having) later today.