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Response to a couple comments

Organization for the digital yearbook will be based on each event being a parent to its specific media elements. The event itself will have a profile page of sorts with liks to its media, and probably a randomized image from the event, possibly with pieces of student narration.

As far as the student narration is concerned, I'm actually not entirely sure how to set it up yet. I called it a wiki in my last post, but I don't know at this point if a wiki or a blog would be better suited. The requirements for the narrative would be that it needs to promote single-submissions with editing capabilities so that the same person doesn't submit five different things, and I don't want it to allow comments (I'll explain that another time). I'd like to be able to pull out a snippet of the narrative to randomize on the main page as a sort of "Blah blah blah... the event inspired me to... | View Complete Narrative" thing. With a wiki, I believe I'd be able to set up an index page with a sort of metanarrative (just basic details) with links to the student naratives.

I'll take a look at Cunningham's book on Wikis tomorrow.

And, because Bryan asked:

This is a Google Earth shot of the small town I lived in from 3rd-5th grade. Peculiar, MO (I kid you not!) located about 20 minutes south of Kansas City. I believe Bryan asked me to post it because I can pinpoint the time of the picture. If you look to the right of the school, you should be able to make out a yellow earthmover. The picture was taken in the spring/summer/fall of 1997; they started construction on a new wing the spring that I moved on to 6th grade.


7-day Plan Of Sorts

By this weekend:
  1. Order books!
    • Something on PHP and MySQL
    • JPG
    • Game On
    • Rules of Play

  2. Get a solid layout drawn

  3. Sort out a graphic style and color scheme(s?)

  4. Read up on wiki software

This weekend:
  • Start getting graphics set up

  • Get a barebones stylesheet going

  • Start scripting some of the HTML

Next week:
  • Get down to business

A Fleshed Out Idea

I think I'm pretty set on making this Digital Yearbook idea work (hopefully a beta for 2005-06 with a full launch in Fall 06).

For my time here at CET, that means I want to get a site template done (meta-site, so to speak) and basic organization set up.

  • Events
    • Audio
    • Images
    • Video
    • Wiki/blog-type structure that allows members of the campus community to give their view of the event

The interface will be a XHTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL website, but it will be campus interweb access only. The available content will be from the current year only, with an archive available on DVD, possibly available to anyone who wants one, possibly only available through the library, depending on if good 'ol HamTech wants to give the project funding.

The Film Production Guild design will tie into this because one of the biggest events that will utilize this would be the 24 Film Fest. I'd like to be able to use the same video upload script for both it and the digital yearbook.

I will need too much help from certain groups on campus (IT, Student Assembly, etc) to be able to launch the Digital Yearbook without consultation with the campus, but for now the FPG site is my responsibility and I have access to everything I need for it.

What I need: I definitely need to learn some MySQL. I have a pretty good hold on the HTML and CSS I'll need, and mostly on the PHP. I'd like to learn a little more about DHTML, seeing as I know nothing about it, although I don't think I'd implement it.

I'm also going to have to study Wikis, because I think they would be an excellent way to archive a narrative of the events on campus.

A lot of this has to do with my absolute fascination with databases and archiving anything and everything I can. I think that a lot of the Hamilton experience cannot be captured in print, and that this would come a little closer.

Recap - What I'll be doing over the course of the next two weeks:

  • Designing and coding Hamilton's Film Production Guild website.
    • Hosting for student-made films for the 24 Hour Film Fest
    • A database of skills (Jane Doe can Act/Film/Do Lights/Whatever)
    • Meeting minutes
    • News
  • A script that will allow a user to upload a video file complete with Title, Crew, Cast, and other pertinent info into the database
  • Rough draft template for the main Digital YB site

The End.



Pax. An Instrument.

The course of the narrative in Pax depends soley on the interaction of the "player." The "instrument" is a flash interface. It is split into two sides, one of which has the interactive elements, and the other has the textual narrative. Figures scroll vertically through the first half; these are the pieces with which the "player" interacts. The narrative is expanded by clicking these characters. Sometimes, a click results in a sort of random, inner-thought, other times as a more direct thought. The piece itself is set up according to a 24-hour time span, with six different stages. Each character has different thoughts according to which stage the environment is presently in. It is up to the "player" to decide when he/she wants to click on a certain character, if at all. The interaction creates a unique narrative that is directly related to the choices the "player" makes.


I had a sample narrative here, but Blogger didn't like it and cut 3/4 of it off, and the rest of my post.

The rest of the post was just asking Bryan if he'd post hyperlinks to the other cybertexts. But, I think that has been covered.


Project Ideas Take Two

If this were large scale, it would take an insane amount of bandwidth, but I was thinking of a database of identities:

Each "identity" would have some mix of pictures, video, audio, text, or whatever media the person making the id chooses. I guess for the program, I'd make one of my own, and try to recruit one or two other people to help out. The idea of identity and how someone sees themselves is a very broad thing to study, so this wouldn't be a study of that, so much as a showcase and how media can define something, or someone.

Because my main background is the web, I think this would be web-based, although I'm not sure how I'd organize it. Eventually, I think it would be interesting to expand it to public domain and get submisions from all over the world.

I'll probably have a completely different idea before we actually begin working on the projects.


Project Ideas

I've spent all weekend thinking about a project, and I still can't really come up with anything. So far all I have is trying to further webstandards knowledge by using php/css/xhtml to display some of the basic things people often use flash for (like interactive menues and photo galleries). I hope this is just some creativity block that will break in the next couple days.

On a somewhat more producive note, I put some of my photos from Saturday up on Flickr in the ASTP 2005 group pool, so if you join up (Sara sent out an invite via email), you can see mine, hers, and some of Alex's. I'll probably put some up from today's bridge expedition as well.