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Using Dreamweaver...

I was wondering if anyone could briefly explain using templtes in Dreamweaver to me?

On another note, I'm slightly shifting the scope of my second project (the Digital Yearbook). I've been scripting a database-driven zine from the ground up... and I think input would be helpful this week. It's not that I'm abandoning the Digital Yearbook, but really, all I could get done with it is scripting anyhow, and a few of the things I've written (and learned!) with the zine will be very helpful to the DY. I need a lot of support from the college to even begin on the DY (past the scripting/design), so I think after finishing the zine, it'll be relatively simple to change some things and have a decent structure for the DY that I can use to pitch the idea to the powers that be.

Here is a link to what I've done so far on the zine: (Some menu items work... mostly just some of the "about" and "archives")

I'll probably post some of my code (and the problems I'm having) later today.


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