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One of the main things I needed to learn before getting a start on any scripting for the digital yearbook was some sort of intro to MySQL. Aaron's tutorial today helped me get a grasp on what it was, and the userface, and I'm sure my book, when it comes in, will help as well.

I'm slowly making progress on a layout for the FPG website. I have a color scheme, and a background, which I should be able to share tommorrow.

I've been struggling with ideas about a layourt for the digital yearbook, because I'm not sure if I want it to tie in with the school website design (which I'm not a fan of), or for it to be its own seperate entity. I'm going to make some decisions on that later this week, but I'm more concerned about getting a handle on the scripting side.

Tomorrow I need to do some research on CSS that my brain doesn't seem to be willing to remember... and hopefully I can get a template done for the FPG.

My brain really is fried today, for some reason.


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