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Of Templates and Bugs

Well, I have a basic layout for FPG. You can see it at http://students.hamilton.edu/fpg/index.php.

A present, it seems to only display properly in Firefox. It does the obligatory IE box-structure breaking, and Safari weirds out on the nav for some reason. I'm working on getting that stuff fixed. I also need to locate the CD that has content for it.

Feedback is welcome.


  • very cool! looks great in firefox.

    By Blogger Sarah, at 05 August, 2005 10:11  

  • One of the Safari problems is discussed here:

    That hints at a fix, as well. It probably won't fix all of the problems, but it may help with the repeat anyway.

    By Blogger Nick Doty, at 05 August, 2005 16:47  

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