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Response to a couple comments

Organization for the digital yearbook will be based on each event being a parent to its specific media elements. The event itself will have a profile page of sorts with liks to its media, and probably a randomized image from the event, possibly with pieces of student narration.

As far as the student narration is concerned, I'm actually not entirely sure how to set it up yet. I called it a wiki in my last post, but I don't know at this point if a wiki or a blog would be better suited. The requirements for the narrative would be that it needs to promote single-submissions with editing capabilities so that the same person doesn't submit five different things, and I don't want it to allow comments (I'll explain that another time). I'd like to be able to pull out a snippet of the narrative to randomize on the main page as a sort of "Blah blah blah... the event inspired me to... | View Complete Narrative" thing. With a wiki, I believe I'd be able to set up an index page with a sort of metanarrative (just basic details) with links to the student naratives.

I'll take a look at Cunningham's book on Wikis tomorrow.

And, because Bryan asked:

This is a Google Earth shot of the small town I lived in from 3rd-5th grade. Peculiar, MO (I kid you not!) located about 20 minutes south of Kansas City. I believe Bryan asked me to post it because I can pinpoint the time of the picture. If you look to the right of the school, you should be able to make out a yellow earthmover. The picture was taken in the spring/summer/fall of 1997; they started construction on a new wing the spring that I moved on to 6th grade.


  • your school was called *Peculiar*??!!

    By Blogger Maddy, at 29 July, 2005 04:54  

  • That's surprising that the image is definitely from that long ago. Google claims:
    "Our images are photographs taken by satellites and aircraft sometime in the last three years." (emphasis mine, link)

    Also, it looks like almost the entire state of Missouri has high resolution coverage (see image of high-res coverage), so presumably the state arranged for some systematic picture taking (perhaps you could find out about the project online). Are you sure there hasn't been any construction work at your school in the past few years?

    Interesting stuff, in any case.

    By Blogger Nick Doty, at 30 July, 2005 19:22  

  • I'm happy to talk over blog vs. wiki vs. whatever, anytime you want.

    By Blogger Sarah, at 01 August, 2005 10:59  

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