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Project Ideas

I've spent all weekend thinking about a project, and I still can't really come up with anything. So far all I have is trying to further webstandards knowledge by using php/css/xhtml to display some of the basic things people often use flash for (like interactive menues and photo galleries). I hope this is just some creativity block that will break in the next couple days.

On a somewhat more producive note, I put some of my photos from Saturday up on Flickr in the ASTP 2005 group pool, so if you join up (Sara sent out an invite via email), you can see mine, hers, and some of Alex's. I'll probably put some up from today's bridge expedition as well.


  • Hmm, that's an interesting idea. What would the context be - an informational site about standards vs. Flash, an instructional site, a site that's part of a group like the one that you showed us during the web design session?

    By Blogger Sarah, at 25 July, 2005 11:02  

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