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Project Ideas Take Two

If this were large scale, it would take an insane amount of bandwidth, but I was thinking of a database of identities:

Each "identity" would have some mix of pictures, video, audio, text, or whatever media the person making the id chooses. I guess for the program, I'd make one of my own, and try to recruit one or two other people to help out. The idea of identity and how someone sees themselves is a very broad thing to study, so this wouldn't be a study of that, so much as a showcase and how media can define something, or someone.

Because my main background is the web, I think this would be web-based, although I'm not sure how I'd organize it. Eventually, I think it would be interesting to expand it to public domain and get submisions from all over the world.

I'll probably have a completely different idea before we actually begin working on the projects.


  • Fascinating - tell us more about your thinking behind this? For instance, are you considering problems in digital identity (identity theft, surveillance, sousveillance), or are you looking into questions of the online self (do we create an online personality? how does being online change our self-presentation?)?

    By Blogger Bryan Alexander, at 25 July, 2005 15:09  

  • iStock has an interesting way to browse through their designers/artists/photographers. I find that members of this community are kind of defined by what sort of work they care to share. So, I would look at someone who did a whole bunch of blocky vector illustrations in a different light than I would someone who took pictures of doctors and lawyers.

    By Blogger saratoga, at 26 July, 2005 01:44  

  • Rachael, here's the digital writing assignment for tomorrow - explore:

    By Blogger Bryan Alexander, at 26 July, 2005 16:26  

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