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Pax. An Instrument.

The course of the narrative in Pax depends soley on the interaction of the "player." The "instrument" is a flash interface. It is split into two sides, one of which has the interactive elements, and the other has the textual narrative. Figures scroll vertically through the first half; these are the pieces with which the "player" interacts. The narrative is expanded by clicking these characters. Sometimes, a click results in a sort of random, inner-thought, other times as a more direct thought. The piece itself is set up according to a 24-hour time span, with six different stages. Each character has different thoughts according to which stage the environment is presently in. It is up to the "player" to decide when he/she wants to click on a certain character, if at all. The interaction creates a unique narrative that is directly related to the choices the "player" makes.


I had a sample narrative here, but Blogger didn't like it and cut 3/4 of it off, and the rest of my post.

The rest of the post was just asking Bryan if he'd post hyperlinks to the other cybertexts. But, I think that has been covered.


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