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The goal of W3C recommendations:

The W3C created recommendations like XHTML and CSS so the web would not fragment into ever–more–incompatible browsers and devices, but would instead work for everyone, according to the vision of Tim Berners–Lee, the guy who invented the web in the first place.

The only way we designers and developers can help the web achieve this noble goal is by authoring to these recommendations, while taking care to ensure that the sites still work as best they can in non–compliant browsers.

From Why Don't You Code for Netscape?

The ultimate CSS resource: W3C Standards Resource

A journal of articles on innovative uses for CSS: A List Apart

A decent layout recource: Glish CSS

A couple of decent articles:
Article on browser breaking and standards compliancy.

Article on writting efficient CSS.

Article on making faux active links for navagation.


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