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A couple more helpful links

  • A library of completely free stock photos

  • A font resource

  • Free virtual network client

PHP Manual
  • A WONDERFUL PHP resource. It has a complete list of functions, plus in-depth explanations of uses for each. This manual allowed me to teach myself basic PHP to the point that I wrote an entire M68000 assembler in it for a class final last year. If you know anything about C++ or Java, you'll be able to pick up elementary php very easily.

Color Whore
  • A decent resource of websafe colors and their hex numbers. It's not necessarily organized, but they try. It can come in handy once in a while when you just need to see a bunch of colors to get the creative juices flowing.

Fixed or fluid width? Elastic!
  • Another article on CSS... explores options avaliable about a fixed width or fluid layouts, and explains min and max width.


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