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7-day Plan Of Sorts

By this weekend:
  1. Order books!
    • Something on PHP and MySQL
    • JPG
    • Game On
    • Rules of Play

  2. Get a solid layout drawn

  3. Sort out a graphic style and color scheme(s?)

  4. Read up on wiki software

This weekend:
  • Start getting graphics set up

  • Get a barebones stylesheet going

  • Start scripting some of the HTML

Next week:
  • Get down to business


  • Re: wikis - did you see Cunningham's book? We have a copy, and one of your classmates (Robert, I think) was looking at it.

    By Blogger Bryan Alexander, at 28 July, 2005 10:40  

  • I also have a wiki question! :) Can you say a little about why you decided to go with a wiki rather than a blog? I'm just curious... wikis tend to be very good for collaborative work on documents, for example, but are very unstructured and thus not as useful for things like comments. If you're looking for something like that, a straight-up comment board might be a better choice. If you're looking for comments tied to content, blogs tend to provide a better structure for that sort of thing. So the bigger question is, what type of interaction(s) do you want your users to have with the site and with each other?

    By Blogger Sarah, at 28 July, 2005 10:44  

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